Self-Improvement: 20 Ways to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Hello and welcome back to my blog! :) Today I want to talk about one of the most important topics to me: self-improvement. I was contemplating last few years of my life and then thought of sharing it here. I have been practising these things for few years now and this has changed my life drastically. I’m so thankful for the times I hit rock bottom where I had no control over anything, not even myself. That forced me to take control of myself, stand up and turn around. I’m still learning and trying to become the best version I can be.

What is being the best version of yourself?

Ever visualised your ideal self? One that you’d be so proud of! The you, minus the bad habits and toxic traits. We all have an ideal self in our mind. Being the best version is building that ‘ideal self’ without losing your own identity. It is like adding values to you.

Our physical growth stops completely right after the age of 21. But there isn’t any time limit for our mental and spiritual growth. It develops as long as we feed it. Improving ourselves as we age is essential. Regardless of the amount of happiness and success we receive in life, self-improvement should always be our top priority.

Here are my basic 20 tips on becoming the best version of yourself:

1. Get to Know Yourself.

How can you be better without knowing your current self? Knowing yourself does not just mean knowing your name, age, the type food you like etc. I want you to spare some time, sit and analyze yourself thoroughly. Start a journal. List down your strengths and weaknesses, your long term goals, your role models, traits that you are proud of, habits you want to shed.. Everything!! Track all your habits down to see the progress from time to time. That way you’ll have more control over you in different situations.

2. Be open to learning new things.

Don’t pretend to know everything, it’s not even cool. Be curious, ask questions in a new situation. Broaden your knowledge by reading books or listening to educational podcasts. Internet it is a great place to learn new things. Instead of wasting time scrolling through social media, search up an educational topic and enlighten yourself.

3. Amplify your strengths, overcome your weaknesses.

Keep expanding your list of strengths. Sometimes we face various difficult situations in life where our strengths fall short. Prepare ahead to minimize your loss. Now go through your weakness list. Research on how to overcome those and work on it. The less weakness you have, the more invincible you become.

4. Be confident.

Love and believe in yourself. Know exactly what you are doing and stand firm on your ground. Your insecurity and people’s criticism shouldn’t make you question your beliefs and decisions in life. Confident people attracts more success due to their high level of determination and consistency. They also tend to influence people easily.

5. Learn to accept criticism.

No one is perfect. Everyone has their set of flaws and lackings. By accepting criticisms, you will know where you need to improve. Have a boundary though. Few people will attack you just to bring you down. Cut them off. They’re unnecessary.

6. Starve your fears.

Your fears are your biggest demotivators. They keep you from living life to the fullest. Start facing them instead of running away. Trust me, they’re not as bad as you think and you are stronger than you realize.

7. Take care of your physical health.

Make your physical health a priority. Boost your immune system to fight from diseases. Plan a diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Get your body moving the way you enjoy. Maybe take a walk in nature. Or go to the gym for a heavy work out. Your achievements and success mean nothing if your health is failing. As long as your healthy, you can start over again and work harder than before. Instead of living your young life to the fullest (by eating whatever junks you crave for), aim to be healthy and energetic in your old age too. You are what you eat.

8. Prioritise your mental health.

Anything that costs you your mental health is too expensive. Cut off everything that disturbs your peace of mind. Find some time for yourself everyday to meditate and relax. Detox your life from toxic people and negativity. Detox your social media too. Follow people who inspire you to be better, people who are real and does not put an unhealthy facade.

9. Stop living for others.

Stop being a people-pleaser. Live for yourself. As long as you are true to yourself, other’s opinion don’t matter. Train yourself to care as little as you can about the noise around you. Sure it feels bad initially, but grow thick skin over time and don’t allow it to bring you down. It’s NOT worth it.

10. Explore.

I cannot stress this enough!! You can never get the best things in life being inside your safe zone. They don’t come to you walking. You have to go on a hunt for those. So come out of your comfort zone, take a leap and explore new things. Often times it’s worth it. And don’t worry if it doesn’t work out. You will atleast have valuable lessons to take from. Either way it’s a win win situation for you.

11. Practice self-discipline.

Take control over yourself and be your own boss. Restrict yourself from the things that harm you and open up towards the things that grows you. Learn to manage your temptations well.

“Only the disciplined are truly free. The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions.” – Stephen Covey

12. Get a hold of your temper problems.

Anger is our biggest enemy. We take hasty decisions, say hurtful words to our close ones, damage valuable stuff…only to regret later. Anger clouds up our sense of judgement and makes us do absurd things which brings nothing but losses in our lives. Manage your temper problems well so it never gets the best of you.

13. Be more forgiving.

You cannot move forward in life smoothly while carrying a heavy burden of grudge and resentment in you for the people who caused you harm. Forgive them, for the sake of your own happiness, for the sake of your own mental peace and the purity of your heart.

Forgive yourself too for not knowing better. Take lessons and move forward. Don't beat yourself up for the past mistakes, they don't define you.

14. Practice patience.

Good things take time. Nothing happens overnight. Don’t give up on something just because it didn’t happen within your estimated time. Be patient and work hard.

"A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else." - George Savile

15. Help people everyday.

It doesn’t always have to be huge. Just practice kindness and the act of giving away to people more. Even if it’s the tiniest amount. The least you could do is speak politely and smile. That helps people who are already having a stressful day.

16. Smile at strangers.

Ever had a stranger smile at you? Didn’t you feel acknowledged and happy for that split second! Didn’t you wish more people did that! Turn yourself into one. You never know what those people are going through. This simple yet sweet gesture can help make their day a little better.

17. Be optimistic.

Always try to find the best in everything. Turn uncertainties into opportunities. If we look deeply, we even have something good in our worst failures: Lessons. Take it and move on. Squeeze out the best of everything and leave the rest behind.

18. Trust your creator.

Put your trust in Allah, or whoever you believe your god is. He created you, so He definitely has better plans for you than you do. When you lose something in life, know that He’s removing things that are not good for you in the long run. Everything eventually makes sense later in life. Trust that you’re being guided by Him always. Connect with Him more when you feel lost and you’ll notice things are actually getting better.

19. Surround yourself with great people.

It is said, “Energies are contagious. You become what you surround yourself with” Therefore, hang out with people that matches your energy, your beliefs and mindsets. Don’t drain yourself constantly putting up with people that don’t match your vibe. Keep in mind, quality over quantity, always. Instead of having a huge squad of fake people, have a small circle of genuine ones who understand you, acknowledge you and you’re comfortable hanging around them too.

20. Become what you expect from others.

Stop expecting from people, no one owes you anything but yourself. Stand up for yourself and become what you want from others. You’ll naturally start attracting good people in life.


People come and leave. But you’ll be left with yourself for the rest of your life. So be there for you always even when there’s no one in sight. Help yourself and grow from within, solely for yourself. People who like you genuinely will stay and who don’t, may leave. Remember, “The better you become, the better you attract.

Alright, that is it for now. Gosh this took me around 5 days to write. LOL. I need to speed up my thinking and writing process. :D

Thank you for reading all the way down here. I hope this helps you a little. Like and share this post if you like and subscribe to get notified for my next post.

Love, Muna.

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