5 Self-Care Activities To Do On a Rainy Night At Home.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! :)

It's almost midnight and raining heavily outside. Mind you, rainy days are sooo rare in Qatar and everyone yearns for these days all year long.

Since rain uplifts our mood and makes us happy, there is no better time than this to practice some self care.

Here are 5 of my favourite #selfcare activities that you can do on a rainy night at home.

Before you dive in to the activities, don't forget to make yourself a mug of hot chocolate or any warm drink, light a scented candle and turn on some soft music to set the mood.

1) Take a Bubble Bath

Soak yourself in the bath tub and relax. I feel like this is the best time to take care of your body and feel rejuvenated. I would suggest you to get drenched in the cold rain first and then soak yourself in warm water. That way you feel more refreshed and enjoy both, the rain as well as a nice warm bath.

Put a face and hair mask on, shave your legs and arms, wash your hair... just take your time to relax.


2) Grab a Good Book and Read.

I, personally am such a fan of romance and fairytale fantasy! Trust me, reading such books on a rainy night just adds some mystical feelings to it.

But you can also read good self-improvement, motivational books and feel inspired to do more in your lives.


And... this is for people who don't like to read books..

3) Watch a Movie or Drama Series.

Prepare some snacks & drinks and get ready for a cozy movie night. You can either do this alone or with your partner.

Again, being a sucker for mythical genre, I love to binge watch some Chinese fantasy. Their looks and voice everything is so dreamy and calming to me for some reason. Let me know if you can relate. :D

But yes, you can watch any movie of your choice and enjoy the night.


4) Do yoga/ Meditate

Doing yoga makes your muscle stronger, helps you to relax and maintains a balanced metabolism. Mediating empties up your cluttered mind, reduces stress and brings back mental peace. Combining these two can help you to achieve zen state of mind.

Don't forget to turn on some healing music. Choose musics without any lyrics so that your focus is not deviated to the song.


5) Practise Your Hobbies.

I was going to write about journaling but then realised, not everyone loves to do it.

For them, I suggest you to practice any of your hobbies like painting, crafting, writing or whatever you enjoy doing in your free time.

I enjoy journaling. I feel the most creative at nights and rainy nights are always far more better than the regular ones.

Above all, get some good sleep because sleeping on your cozy bed is more peaceful with the sound of rain in background. <3

I hope you all spend some time on self care, rain or not. It's all about taking a break from busy life and pampering yourself to recharge.

Like and comment below if you have any other ideas for spending a cozy rainy night at home. And stay tuned for my future posts.


Muna ❤


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